Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crafting Excursions!

This is my 100th Post!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm really excited to get back into crafting and blogging on the regular and I'm so grateful to all of you crafters out there that take the time to read and comment!

This weekend my boyfriend and I took a little trip to south Jersey to hang out with his cousins. As an extra treat, he offered to take me to a Hobby Lobby for the first time and a Jo Ann's on the way back. I had never been to a Hobby Lobby before so I was a bit excited...

Suffice to say, I walked away with quite a few things. The place was the size of a Wall Mart! They had SO much stuff and I had to curb myself a bit. Especially when I saw their stamping section.

I've never seen a stamping section this organized before! The stamping aisles in the Michael's in New York is simply a dumping ground of stuff. I always feel like an excavator spending hours trying to uncover treasures in that place. Here, everything was very neat and tidy! I walked away with lots of goodies.

On the way home, we stopped by a Jo Ann's. From the outside, it wasn't very impressive, but the inside more than made up for it.

What I love about this store is sections like this.

$1 treasures!! I found many cute stamps to add to my collection. They are small, but they can really add a lot to a card.

And I finally found this lovely cartridge that I have been searching for for a couple of months now! All in all, I think this weekend's crafting excursion was a success! I reached my limit for a while.

It was also nice to spend some time with family, but sadly, I didn't get any pictures of that. I did however snap a picture of their dog, Duke. He is the sweetest lab ever!



  1. LOL!!! Fun!! I guess I should be grateful that I have a Hobby Lobby 2 miles from my house!! Looks like you had a blast (yes im old!lol!) You're going to love Create A Critter 2!!

  2. What a boyfriend!! He's a keeper! I love love love Hobby Lobby. I've only ever been once. The closest one to my house is like an hour and a half away. But it was SO worth the trip. I was on a time schedule and only had an hour to spend in there, but easily could have stayed half the day. And I didn't even see anything other than the scrapbooking section!

    Thanks for all your encouragement on my Christmas card "challenge!" You totally should join me! I think I may even write in them and address them as I go so that I have absolutely NO EXCUSE whatsoever once Christmas comes!! Haha!

    You should totally try the page kit (or card kit) thing too. It took me a while to do them, but I can't believe all the stuff I found to use that I had TOTALLY forgotten I even had. TONS of stuff. And I've noticed that when I'm starting a project, picking out and coordinating everything I'm going to use, usually takes the longest anyway, so it's nice to have that step all done. I made a layout for an upcoming blog hop from one of the kits the other night and it went to fast!!


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