Friday, July 28, 2017

Bride Tribe

Surprises are the best. The BEST. I love them. I’m a hard person to surprise though. I get nosy and suspicious really easily. I like to bug and bug until people crack. I’ve been told it’s not fun for the other person, but I just can’t help it!

So imagine my surprise when I walked into my apartment last August and found a million balloons scattered around the place. The soundtrack for Pixar’s UP was playing and my very sweet boyfriend was standing holding a bouquet of sunflowers. I would like to say my first reaction was sweet- I cried, I laughed, I grabbed him. But no- my first instinct was to say, “What the fuck?” (If you know me then you aren’t very surprised by this) But then the speech came and the ring and then I started jumping and crying so eventually, I got there.

Fast forward a couple of months later- it’s time to pick my wedding party. BRIDESMAIDS ASSEMBLE!

There wasn’t a question of who I would ask- just a question of HOW. I wanted it to be special and personal and Disney related of course.  My girls are all Disney fans themselves so I knew I wouldn’t have to ponder too much on this. I decided to create a Disney Princess box for each of them showcasing their favorite princess. I was sly about this, randomly taking a poll for a Disney Blogger online (which isn’t too much of a stretch since I used to be one once upon a time) and pretty soon, I had my results.

I wanted the outside of the box to be the wedding colors of red and navy blue. Off to Michael’s I go! I found these great boxes with room for a picture on the lid and painted them all accordingly. I covered them with blue ribbon to give them a sense of “opening a present” (I covered the photos for this blog just to give them some privacy).

Once you open the box, this is what you would find:

  • Will you be my Bridesmaid postcard from Papersource
  • Bottle of champagne with “I Love You” written in different languages and cute cartoons. I also made a special tag for each of them
  • A Ring pop (featuring Sid the Sloth from Ice Age since JP worked on that movie!)
  •  A mini clipboard for notes
  • A figurine of your Disney Princess from the Animator’s collection (TOTES my fav!)
  •  A Little Golden Book of your Disney movie which I took a part and added pages of notes about the wedding after the story

I was able to deliver them personally to each girl and it was so wonderful to see their reactions. I was so glad they all said yes and have started this crazy journey with me!

From L to R: Michelle (Aurora), Me (Belle), Rachael (Ariel- also my Maid of Honor!), Tana (Pocahontas), Monique (Mulan) and Gale (Jasmine)

Friday, July 7, 2017

Out on Sabbatical

Hi! Remember me? I used to post about cards and arts and crafts things. Let's just fast forward past where I explain how busy life can get and just show some of the things I've missed posting. Most are from Cricut cartridges and various stamps. Welcome to a plethora of holidays and birthdays:

I have some big projects coming up soon to showcase. Lots of changes that are bringing about plenty of DIY projects. More to come!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Penguin Moms

Only a few months late (but who is counting?) Below are the Mother's Day cards I made for both of my supervisors. Both are hardworking moms that make balancing work and motherhood look easy (or at least very achievable!).

I have been obsessed with my nestabilities dies so I used many of them for these two cards. I also wanted contrasting color schemes since I wanted to use these paper flowers I got from Michaels. I think they came out pretty well.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Adventures in Watercolor!

Apparently, March was National Craft month. OK?! I had to do something about it! I wanted to do something like that Valentine's Day card making class I did with my friend Gale at Paper Source so long ago. Unfortunately, she couldn't join me but I decided to sign up for an Easter card making class anyway. Suffice to say, it wasn't as enjoyable and I've decided not to write about that particular experience.

However, they mentioned having a class on water color creations and I knew I wanted to try that.

How lovely do these projects look?

A few Facebook comments later, I had five friends signed up with me and we actually ended up being the whole class apart from one other person. So it definitely felt like a private class. I find that these experiences are better if you do it with a buddy.

Ignore our plug for Subway there. We all had cravings after work!

Our supplies and some examples for us to draw inspiration from 

Our instructor showed us some water color techniques before we started which honestly, wasn't much. She was chatty and informal and while it made for a comfortable atmosphere, I remember thinking that the instructor at the Upper West Side Paper Source seemed more professional and knowledgable. Each experience is subjective and each Paper Source store works autonomously. While this location is close to my job, I may try to explore other venues.

Soon we were off to work!

Chloe was looking forward to creating her poster with the water colors!

The Force was however not strong with water colors.... Tracy stuck to stamping and embossing ;-)

Jennifer had clear goals! She needed a birthday and anniversary card!

It got a bit messy....

I just love Rachel's face here....

All in all, did I enjoy watercolors?

Hmmmm.... no. I went into it thinking it would be similar to Copics but I was dead wrong. First off, the amount of control you have with water colors is very limited. I kept over saturating my paper until it curled up into useless messes. Then blending wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Usually with Copics, I just keep adding color until I like the blend, but I couldn't do that here. I used regular brushes as well as their special water color ones that had water already in the brush- all I had to do was squeeze. No luck with either method. The one thing I walked away from was kind of hideous, but at least it was a good learning experience!

I got the song in your head, didn't I?

I did however discover these wonderful Martha Stewart glitter pens that I purchased with the 10% off coupon they give you after every class so it wasn't a total loss.

The girls had way better luck!

She may not like water colors, but Tracy will be invited to the next embossing event!

"I Am Inimitable" from the best song in HAMILTON. No really, it's the BEST  song.

Rachel is the sweetest...

Jennifer's water color birthday card came out lovely!

My coworkers have problems with expletives, but didn't Melanie's rainbow come out so well?

So maybe I won't be adding water coloring to my card making repertoire, but that doesn't mean I didn't totally enjoy this random Wednesday night with friends!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Boss Birthdays

I started my current job last July. If you knew me in college, you knew that I had always dreamed of being in publishing. All of those 2000's rom-coms of city gals jetting to work in heels holding a Starbucks coffee in one hand and the paper in the other just got to me. Plus, I was an English major, so it was very fitting. (FYI: I don't even drink coffee and I usually have a book, not the paper with me!)

It took me a really long time and lots of frustrating jobs to get to where I am today. And I'm no fool, either. I know I am hella lucky to have gotten here and by here I mean Children's Publishing. I also know that finding a boss that is both friend and mentor is like hitting the Mega Millions. It's.Not.Easy.

But here I am!

So for her birthday, I wanted to make something special. At this point, it was only about a month and a half in so I was still getting to know her. I wanted it to be sophisticated with a floral palate.

For this, I found a really pretty cherry blossom pattern at Michael's so I used that for the bottom. The trim is from Martha Stewart of course and I used some embellishments that I had in my trusty box.

For her actual present, I wanted to do something she could use at work. She has an adorable daughter so I figured instead of just getting a frame, I would make one. Using that same Cherry Blossom pattern, I cut them out in little triangles and pasted them onto a regular frame. I then used a basic pink distress pattern for contrast. She really liked it which was a relief!

Here's a closer look at the collage. 

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