Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Zero One Five

Here is some advice for the new year: If your boyfriend suggests that you two should move in together, be happy. Be excited. Get ready. Get all your ducks in a row and do your research!

Be patient.

Also, do yourself a favor and don't let the first thing you pack be the hobby that keeps you sane.

When my boyfriend JP suggested we move in together, I was ecstatic. I started to pack immediately and the first thing I packed away were all of my crafting supplies.

Big mistake.

Almost 4 months later, I was still waiting to unpack my craft bins. You see, what a rookie like myself didn't realize was that moving is not immediate. Of course, I knew it would take some time. Some time in my mind was a month maybe? It took us four. Apartment hunting is not easy. Sometimes it was downright scary even. But finally, the stars aligned and we found our perfect one bedroom apartment and after three weeks, we are pretty much all moved in.

Our first Christmas Tree! It was a Charlie Brown moment.

One of the main things I asked for when looking for an apartment was a section to set up all of my supplies. I was pretty cramped in my old room, sequestered in a tiny corner with everything on top of each other. But because my boyfriend is pretty awesome, he helped me pick out the right furniture that would hold everything and still give me room to create. Also, we were pretty lucky in that our bedroom is huge. There was a chunk of free space after we put in two dressers and a queen sized bed so I decided to use the other half of the room as my crafting haven. (Folks, I'm serious. TAKE YOUR TIME when looking for a place. I'm so glad we didn't settle because I LOVE THIS APARTMENT!)

Here is a look at what I'm working with--->

This is my desk looking nice and tidy! See how long that lasts...

I got that book case from Ikea to hold all of my supplies.

It was important for me to be near a television. Originally, we were only going to have one in the living room and use the bedroom as a place to relax at night and help our minds quiet down. But I quickly realized, there was no way I would be able to craft without some background noise. Sometimes, music doesn't quite cut it. And for the past two weeks, I've become obsessed with the NBC show, Parenthood. I was going to need a way to watch and craft at the same time. (Also FYI: Check the show out! It's in it's final season, but it's a realistic, funny, and moving family show)

Can't be creative without JP or our alter egos, Ellie and Carl. 

I was pretty psyched for this Christmas gift. JP bought me a Foldio studio. In the past, taking pictures of my cards was always a 10 minute struggle. The lighting was never good. I couldn't find a good background. There were always weird shadows in the picture. This little studio box eliminates all of my problems! There's a light inside and you could either insert a white (as seen above), black or grey background and you no longer have to worry about the quality of the photo. I seriously, cannot wait to use it! The Mickey ears are just an added decor element from my days as a Disney Cast Member.

I have a lot of stuff.....
Us on Christmas Day. <3
I'm really quite excited to start some projects in this new and improved space. I already have lots of ideas lined up and plenty of creative energy to burn.

So here's to a great 2015! Hope your year is full of plenty of love and surprises. 

And Crafting. =)

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