Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Becoming A Fairy Godmother

So I am pretty excited. Actually, I think excited might not even begin to cover what I am feeling. My boyfriend and I were asked to be Godparents and it was such an honor to be asked! I wrote about my boyfriend's best friend Tony from Australia when he last came to visit. He brought his babies for their christening and I totally fell in love.  Well, they have had another little girl. Her name is Isabella and she is now my goddaughter!

And this girl is beyond adorable.

Those cheeks just kill me. 
The family will be traveling to New York for the christening next year so sadly, I have to wait until then to squeeze this cutie. But I have waited a long time to be a Godmother! I didn't want to screw this up. A care package was in order! Off to the Disney Store I went because of course, every child I meet will learn to love Disney. Along with some classic Winnie the Pooh books, I got her some Little Mermaid merchandise. A plush doll, a sun hat and this adorable onesie that I am sure the entire store heard me exclaim when I saw it.

Aw, come on- isn't it so cute?

Anyway, a gift package needed a proper card! I looked to my Disney Cartridge. I wanted to make a fun Little Mermaid card for Isabella. (I'm still trying to figure out what my nickname for her will be. Izzy? Isa? Anything but Bella. Thanks, Stephanie Meyer for ruining a perfectly good name....)

I decided to cut out a seashell and Ariel's silhouette. I thought it was a bit too plain, so I added a flower for her hair with a single pearl. Instead of using patterned paper, I decided to take out my Distress Inks. For the base of the card, I used Tumbled Glass for a light blue background. As for the seashell, I used a combination of Vintage Photo, Mowed Lawn, Peacock Feathers and Tumbled Glass. I blended it a lot to get it exactly the way I wanted. I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

I think it was a success! Seriously though, doesn't her face just scream GERBER BABY??

Godparents are a pretty big deal in my family. I'm hoping I can emulate Cinderella's Fairy Godmother- kind, nurturing, and ready to bestow some words of wisdom along with a plethora of kick-ass presents.

But I can assure you that one HUGE difference between the fairy godmother and I will be our wardrobe. Sorry lady, but shapeless, hooded capes aren't exactly my thing....

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pink Elephants

For my birthday, my boyfriend and I spent the day in the city and of course we just HAD to stop by The Ink Pad. I can seriously spend hours in that store. He bought me the cutest Penny Black elephant stamp and I used it right away for a birthday card. I find that I am pretty obsessed with Penny Black lately. Their critters are just SO adorable and really perfect for Copic coloring.

This birthday card was made for my boyfriend's coworker, Teresa. I met her once at a movie premiere (they work at Blue Sky Studios) and she was one of the nicest people I met that night. I was glad I had a brand spanking new stamp for her card.

Remember when I had made a promise to stop buying paper? I sorta broke that pretty quickly. (Happy to say though, I haven't purchased any this month! Woo-hoo!) The pink background is from a small 6x6 paper pad I bought at Michael's. I used the Elegant Edges cartridge to cut out the scalloped oval that Pinkie the Elephant is stamped on (mind you, I don't think that's his official name, but I'm going with it). It still looked a bit too plain for me so I used the distress ink, Worn Lipstick for the edges. Lastly, adding a purple bow and three jewel accents on the bottom corner, I felt like this card was complete.

Along with my no paper buying rule, I may have to start curbing my Penny Black obsession. We'll see....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flowers for Mom

This next card was for my Mom. I was looking through my stamps and found this flower one that I completely forgot I had! I decided to keep it simple by layering some paper from My Mind's Eye. Seriously, I have so many of these pads, it's a little ridiculous. I made myself a promise not to buy ANY more paper until I make a dent in what I have now. We'll see how long that lasts....

Do you find yourself making silly crafty promises like that?

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