Thursday, December 1, 2011


Out of all the things I have made for John Paul through the years, this is my favorite. When we first met, we made each other CDs with 10 of our favorite songs. "Stellar" by the band, Incubus was coincidentally on both of them. I thought the lyrics really expressed how I felt about him so I bought a little blank book from Michaels and even though the cover didn't exactly keep the theme, I didn't think it would matter too much. In retrospect, I should have covered the hideous pattern on the front, but c'est la vie! I then bought a book on space and the planets so I could cut it up. Pack in some colorful stickers, a good pair of scissors and lots of patience and viola!

Meet me in outer space
We could spend the night, watch the earth come up
I've grown tired of that place, wont you come with me
We could start again
How do you do it, make me feel like I do
Its better than I ever knew
You are Stellar

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