Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crafting on the Island

Time for another crafting adventure! Last weekend, my boyfriend JP and I drove out to Long Island. Specifically, we were in the Westbury/ Carle Place area near the Roosevelt Field Mall. I decided to see what kind of crafting offerings were available at the three main craft stores we have here in the New York Metropolitan area. 

(Slightly off topic: Anyone out there FROM the NY Metropolitan Area?!)

These three stores were all within a 5 minute drive of each other. First up, the store that was having major sales!

All the paper crafting materials here were 50% off! So I was happy to be seeing things like this-

The problem with this, as with any sale, I always seem to be the last one there. So there were slim pickings, my friends. But I can always rely on JoAnn's for is this lovely pile-

It took me a solid ten minutes or so to go through this. I love clearance items and I don't mind sifting through each bin for my $1 stamps.

In the end, I came away from JoAnn's with these items-

I couldn't walk away without some stamps. The rubber one that I plan to use for embossing was only $5 and the other was just $3! And with Easter right around the corner, I needed some colorful paper! This was just a whooping $4. The small rubber stamp says "Happy Easter to my favorite Peep." Too cute.

Next stop:

AC Moore's stamps were a bit more organized.

They were however not on sale. Womp womp. So I didn't go stamp crazy, but their Cricut Cartridges were on sale! And I found the cutest $1 ribbons.

So we had to stop by Home Depot after which coincidentally was right next store to:

By this time, it was evening as you can see, so as sweet and patient as my boyfriend was all day, we were hungry! I had to be lightening fast! But I was on a mission. I needed a Flower Frog to hold my cards, but when I asked for it, the saleslady asked what it was used for. Now I know this thing is not normally used for cards.

But try to explain that to someone without feeling stupid! Luckily, another worker stepped in and saved me. Embarrassment averted. I came away from Michael's with a nice haul.

Then because he had been so nice all day, we ended the night with a yummy Mexican place the boy likes. I had the yummiest Flautas and guacamole!

And that was our adventure! I do sometimes wish there was some kind of new crafting store with new merchandise, but I suppose it's just wishful thinking. I'll just have to hold out for those times I drive upstate and down south to the large Hobby Lobby's. Now those stores are pretty amazing! Check them out if you can.


  1. I love updates like this! I love shopping at these stores, but I don't get as often anymore. I stop by Michaels when there's Recollections 8.5x11 paper on sale to cut in my Cricut and to use with cards.

  2. Hi Michelle, Looks and sounds like you had fun! I was at JoAnn's a few weeks ago and got some of the stamps that were marked down to 2.97 and 3.97. I went last week end and the price point said 2.97 and 3.97 but when I scand one one the aisle scanner they were .97 and 1.97, Woop Woop!! I was so happy! I think I'll scan sale items from now on.


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