Monday, March 18, 2013

Paper Playtime #6 Challenge/Craft Fair Question

Hi All! We had a whopping 612 entries for the last Paper Playtime challenge!! Some of your projects had the most awesome coloring and shading. I was def impressed. This week the DT ladies have created some beautiful projects using Bees so I really hope all of you come back and join the fun once again! 

Ch#6 Use a BEE
Begins: Mon, Mar 18
Ends: Sun, Mar 31
Prize sponsored by TSQ Royal Castle Shoppe
"Royal Pain" stamp set
(must have a USA address)

Winner announced in the WINNERS Page Tab

In other matters, my friend Allie contacted me yesterday. Allie and I met when we were both working in the Disney College Program in Florida. We were both working at Star Tours and got along famously. She's a crafty lady too and was telling me about this big craft fair that happens in Orlando twice a year. She wanted to throw her hat in the ring for the date in November and wanted to know if I wanted to join her with some handmade cards. I thought this was such an exciting idea, but as you can imagine, I have no experience with craft fairs.

Have any of you ever participated in local craft fairs? 

It's a two day show (Saturday, Sunday) in November so I am planning on creating mostly Christmas cards, but do any of you have any advice for a newbie? Like extreme newbie? I am clueless in terms of how much merch to make specifically. I'm hoping because it's 7 months away, I have enough time to think of ideas and create the cards, but how much is too much? Anyway, any advice or helpful links you can provide would be very much appreciated! I have been meaning to check out some local fairs here in the city. Perhaps now that Spring is almost here, there will be more to see. Thanks!


  1. I always do craft fairs. I just bring all my cards sorted by holiday/event and charge the same price for everything. Some shows I sell tons some shows I sell nothing! Good luck, you will enjoy it. They are always fun! Carri~Abusybee

  2. Hi Michelle! I have done craft fairs, but before I was making cards. I made hand painted gourd bird houses and Christmas ornaments along with big fat felt cats and hand painted furniture and various other items. The first day I completely sold out of ornaments (I went home and made more that night). I sold all but 1 or 2 birdhouses (and I had a lot) and almost all the cats ( it was funny listening to the people stop and say "hey that looks like my cat"). I also sold some furniture. It was fun. I know you will enjoy it.

    I saw you worked in the Disney college program. I worked at Disney World when I was in High School (a long time ago, when they had ticket books and the best rides were the E tickets). Chip and Dale (the chipmunks) trapped me on the elevator (I was kind of cute then). Also my Father helped build Disney World, and all the the workers and their family's got to go to Disney World for free the night before grand opening (I always said we were the guinea pigs, to see if everything worked).
    Have a great day!


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