Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Anniversary

Hitting our first year anniversary, I knew I wanted to make something special for John Paul. Along with this card, I made him a scrapbook entitled, "Our Adventure Book" which mirrors Carl and Ellie's book from Disney/Pixar's UP! It was our first date and the book is filled with inside jokes, pictures, AOL conversations, etc. While that book is way to personal to put online, I did make this large card to go with it.

John Paul is a huge fan of board games so I made this card to look like a Monopoly board with each piece being a special thing we both had loved that past year. Movies we saw on special dates, television shows we spent hours snuggled up watching, songs we danced to and sang to on the top of our lungs in the car and a fireworks display we watched hand in hand at Disney World. It's kinda hard to top that first perfect year with him, but almost three years later, he is still the most amazing man I have ever known.

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