Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello Chelly!

So this is my last of Valentine's Day cards (just in time to begin the month of March). This card isn't the normal red/pink/Love kind either which probably explains why I enjoyed making it so much! So I met my friend Rachel at a Bachelorette party. We had actually been speaking through Twitter and Blogger before that so she wasn't a complete stranger to me. What started out as a mere acquaintance via blog entries turned into a real friendship. We have lots in common and without her book reviews on her blog, I wouldn't know what books to read.

Hello Chelly is her twitter handle and I glitter embossed the Eiffel Tower in the middle because she had taken a trip to Europe with a friend and I had spent hours at work drooling over the pictures. The side with the lace paper is sparkly, but unfortunately, you can't really tell from this photo. I opted for a card with blue/yellow hues since she didn't strike me as the traditional Valentine's Day red gal (and she wasn't! We met up for a movie date on February 14th and she was wearing blue). P.S.- Do not rent or go to the movies to see The Vow. Just... don't.

Hope you all had a nice February! I am looking forward to Spring though and hopefully some not so bi-polar weather. 

Til next time, Happy Crafting!

P.S.- Have you entered my super fun/super cool Giveaway? You should get up on that!


  1. I LOVE the card you gave me! Good call on the colors :) Also - what's with poor review of the The Vow? Are you saying you weren't impressed with Channing Tatum's acting? lol

  2. Hi Mee Chelle, stopping by to check out your latest creation. I love the card and the story behind it. TFS Traci


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